Smoothies by Little Spoon that Mothers would Love

If you are a parent of a newborn baby, it is understandable that you have to make a lot of new decisions regarding almost every aspect of the baby’s life.

This includes how to protect the baby from the harsh weather, look after its food and clothing requirements, as well as a million other situations that you have quite likely not encountered before.

Never mind, we all learn by trial and error and you are no exception.

The added advantage these days is that even in the absence of a mentor or experienced guide, you can turn to the Internet and use a website called Little Spoon to look at the various options that are available for the preparation of baby foods for the first 12 months of life.

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This Thing Called Smoothies

One of the most popular foods in the world of newborn babies is called a smoothie. This can be quite simply stated to be food that has a liquid or semi-liquid base. This makes the food easily palatable and digestible for babies.

Once the babies have been weaned off mother’s milk, or sometimes even during the process of shifting to more semi-solid based foods, smoothies have been recommended as the food to give to babies during the first 12 months of life.

Why are Smoothies Important?

Managing a baby is a full time job and many parents have their hands, minds and hearts full in carrying out this day to day process.

Many babies are food sensitive and can have intolerances to foods containing milk, eggs, wheat and grains, so it is best to be very careful while administering these foods to babies, right from the very first time.

Dealing with Food Intolerances

The maintenance of a food diary and noting a baby’s reaction to certain foods, especially in the groups mentioned above will guide parents to safer foods for their growing babies.

An Interim Food between Milk and Finger Foods

As some babies can pick up foods in their fingers after the first 8 months, the food industry has also very conveniently labeled these foods as Finger Foods.

This is because foods cut into small strips can be picked up by baby’s fingers.

Obviously this is a major source of satisfaction for parents to see their babies cooperating in this way at meal times.

However, smoothies are known to be the foods administered to babies in the interim period between mother’s milk and the finger food stage.   

Worthwhile Suggestions for Baby Smoothies

Some great suggestions for baby food smoothie content have been appended as under:

  1. Prune based smoothies: Fruits like peaches, pears and prunes have been known to speed up the digestion process. They will also prevent constipation and colic.
  2. Protein based smoothies: Including beans and beets can be a great way to incorporate vegetables into baby’s diet. If the taste is too bitter for him or her, supplement this with some strawberries or bananas, or give them separately after the meal.
  3. Vegetable induced smoothies: Among the easily digestible vegetables are included cauliflower, carrots and pumpkins. This can be topped off with fruits like mashed bananas or mashed up sweetened apples.
  4. Verdant tropical smoothies: Use a combination of fruits and vegetables like banana, mango and pineapple to prepare this one. Adding spinach and granola will make it more nutritious for baby.