Vimeo is a best available option for creating high-impact social videos.  Vimeo is user-friendly and allow you to create simple videos without any unnecessary features and is easy for beginners. Vimeo offers very basic video editing features for new users.  For professionals, Vimeo is an ideal choice for video marketing without any investment, to reach the audience through

The Vimeo players can operate on mobile and tablet devices.  Android mobile and tablets are compatible with It is recommended to download Chrome or Firefox for Android which has their system requirements.  The latest browsers may not be suitable with earlier versions of Android.

Users of other mobile devices like Blackberry and Palm may be able to view Vimeo videos through on browser support HTML5.

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Vimeo Video creators can upload videos from their devices using the IOS app. They can select the video they want to upload, edit the video from beginning to end if they so desire. They can add the name of the description and upload the video.  Creators can also publish their work on Facebook pages. 

Creators can record video directly at the Vimeo app.  They can do that by tapping the record button, holding their device horizontally or vertically as desired, and tapping the record button.  AT the end of the video, tab the record button again.

However, it is mandatory to mention here that while recording with the app, the video will not be saved to your device, if the device has an unreliable internet connection.  It is better to record a video on the default camera app and use the Vimeo app for a particular video from the camera gallery.

Creators of Vimeo Videos can also view their recently created folders. They can edit their folders setting and adjust the setting menu.

The Premium and Enterprise members of Vimeo can live stream from their iOS app without any other equipment.


Users can view their personal and their team folders by clicking the videos button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. They can also be able to create new folders as well as rename, share or delete existing folders from their mobile Video Manager or from any other device they are using Vimeo.


Video Creators can make a team of their friends of business community and add or remove members from the Videos tab in the app.  They can also switch into another team and can manage their team by the Manage Team button, for adding or removing any team member.

People use Vimeo in various businesses to create and share videos. Besides individual and small business enterprises, big corporate company can also use the Vimeo platform for their business growth and advertising.  Business companies can upload up to 5 TB of video without any limit on their weekly agenda. They can send private links, protected videos and can set permission for a team of 10 members to help manage the videos and their projects.